OSRS Twisted Bow – Everything You Need To Know

The OSRS Twisted Bow is one of the most coveted Ranged weapons in RuneScape. It has been designed specifically to slay monsters with a high magic level, such as Commander Zilyan. It can fire any type of arrow, including dragon arrows.

As with the crystal bow, this weapon has a 10-tile attack range. The downside is it does not have any way of providing attacks from long range, but it can still get you Defence XP so it is certainly worth using.

If you need help training your Ranged skill, check out this OSRS Ranged Guide.

Twisted Bow Capabilities

The Twisted Bow is a unique weapon that feeds off the magic levels or accuracy of those around it. Unlike other bows, its power and effectiveness changes when fighting people with different skill sets; for instance in Chambers of Xeric most enemies have 350 Magic level so they are more accurate than outside where their skill level might be lower. On top of this, these chambers contain many powerful foes who require heavy armour to take down which makes them vulnerable to bow attacks unlike some weaker creatures without protective gear out in the open world.

The maximum hit that you can get with this bow is 83 if have been using all damage boosting effects and OSRS items. The maximum hit in Chambers of Xeric, however, stands at 101 but requires the Elite Void Knight equipment for it to be reached.

This bow is a powerful weapon against high-level enemies and OSRS bosses! With that being said, you could really make the most of it by taking out brutal black dragons or other dangerous adversaries such as Alchemical Hydra. It can work effectively against Tzkal-Zuk and Nylocas Vasilias/Toxobolos too even though their magic levels are lower.

It can be really helpful in PvP situations too, but you do need to be taking precautions in a situation like this, as it’s a lot more unpredictable than taking on OSRS monsters.

If you’d like to get your own Twisted Bow without doing all the difficult work to get it, you can buy it online. There are numerous sites offering OSRS items for sale like Probemas.

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