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How To Help Restore Trees which have been destroyed?

Jul 2


You aren't going to want to deal with fire damage while you love your trees and landscape.

In some regions, drought, dry conditions, and winds can make fires more likely, this is a very real occurrence homeowners find themselves confronted with.


Different levels of fires could be destructive to trees to various degree based upon their intensity and severity from the crown to the understory to surface fires.


Let's talk about the proper ways to how to handle fire damaged trees.


Do trees recover from fire?

After a fire, one of your most pressing questions is what you can do to help trees to survive the flames.


The nature of the damage, intensity, duration of the fire, as well as the duration of dehydration will determine if trees can be saved. These variables are also affected by the tree's age, type, and year.


A species that is fire-resistant like bur oak, ponderosa, and longleaf pine have the ability to resist fires in the understory and surface fires. Also, younger trees or those just coming out of winter dormancy in the spring can suffer more severe damage than those who experienced late or dormant-season fires. Employ a reputable landscaping company in Georgetown Ky here.


Fires can damage your trees in multiple ways, including:


  • Leaf or needles scorch

  • Trunk or branch damage

  • Bud health

  • Injuries to the stem caused by Cambium (inner tissues)

  • Root damage

  • Hydrophobic soils (preventing absorption of water) with lost organic matter

How to care for fire-damaged Trees

There are several immediate actions that you can undertake to help burnt trees recover their health and restore them to full life. There is a possibility that it will survive if it has living buds in its crown and cambium throughout the stem.


The soil in your tree could be damaged or even damaged by the fire, therefore watering it will aid. Set a soaker or drip hose in the ground and then water it slowly. Make sure to soak the entire area beneath the canopy of the tree beginning from the base of the tree to the branches' tips.


Make sure the soil is absorbing water by digging down. You could use a wetting agent to help lift the soil layer that is impermeable. When raking, add 12 inch of compost in organic matter that's been removed from the soil by the use of a fire. Then , cover the tree by laying down a thin layer of straw free of weeds or tree-based double-ground mulch following raking , to aid in the absorption of water and retention.


If you're watering trees during drought conditions or in an area that has water restrictions, Lawn Worx follows a technique known as deep root (slow) watering, which uses less water. Additionally, slow watering is the most effective method for those who want to lower an expensive water bill.


Post-Damage Pruning of Trees

Another important aspect of maintaining your tree care specialist gergotown ky after a wildfire is removing dead or dangerous branches. It is important to take away dead or burned branches from your trees. Tree trimming can be difficult in the absence of the appropriate tools or experience.

Although most deciduous trees are able to develop new growth from areas where they shed their branches, the majority of conifers, with the exception of pitch pine, don't regenerate lower trunk branches.



Once you've found out that your soil is at a good level of water, fertilizing it using slow-release fertilizer may be a good option to help you restore the trees that you've burned.

A good fertilizer is a great way to replace nutrients that were lost because of the burned organic matter that was destroyed during the fire.

Pest prevention

Trees that are weak or stressed are more likely to be attacked by insects, and trees that have been burned have no problem.

If there are trees you value that have suffered scorching but are likely to recover to a higher standard, treating them before they become boring insects is crucial for their survival when they begin to reestablish.



For trees with burned bark, you can wrap the trunks as well as any important limbs with light colored fabric, cardboard, or tree wrap for up to a year to stop sunburn.


To avoid damage from fire in the near future, you must focus on what can help trees outlast fires.


First, chip or remove dead trees and limbs in your landscape to remove that potential fire fuel. To avoid spreading fires into the canopy, cut off lower limbs. Regularly mowing tall grasses and trees. Plant fire-tolerant plants. Plan your landscape keeping the possibility of fire in mind, which provides nearby structures with 50 feet or more of protected space. It also creates permanent firebreaks and escape routes, security zones as well as water sources for combating fire. The best option is to hire a Georgetown landscape.




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