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What to do and what not to do when creating an eye-catching resume

Mar 13

You've probably heard the expression, "You never get another opportunity to make an impression." It is a reminder of how how we present ourselves to others can have a significant impact on how they view us. This is a great way to look at your purpose for creating a resume.

It is often your resume that recruiters or hiring managers see first. There are some things that you can do to ensure your resume is unique and stands out among the rest.

9 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Resume

Do: Include relevant experiences

Your resume should highlight your achievements and skills. Your resume should highlight your skills and achievements.

Don't go back more than 10 years

You won't list every job that you have held, even though they may not be directly related to the advertisement.

List concrete examples/numbers past success

Concrete numbers and examples will help your resume stand out from other applicants. You can show your achievements by using concrete numbers and examples. This will give you an actual result.

Don't: List all the responsibilities you had at each job

It is tempting to list every responsibility you have held in your past experience to help managers understand your capabilities. Be concise and only mention the most significant responsibilities that will affect the job you are applying.

Do: Use templates

The majority of resumes adhere to a specific format, especially in terms of alignment. To create a professional-looking resume that represents you, you can use templates from Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Copying content from another person is a bad idea.

If you're using a friend's pre-written template, it may be tempting just to leave out parts you find interesting or consistent with your experience. It might prove difficult to explain later, if you are questioned.

Please mention any certificates or courses you have taken

Add any certificates or courses that you have taken that are relevant to the job to your resume.

Don't list skills like Microsoft or Google Workspace.

Once it was common to mention your proficiency on platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Workspace. These skills are mandatory in today's tech-driven world.

Keep it simple and to the point.

Your resume should include a summary of your work history. This will help recruiters decide whether you are worthy to interview. If your resume contains all the information they require, however, that is fine. You can include it in your cover letter if necessary.

A strong resume isn't all that recruiters want, but it's important to make a good first impression. This guide will help you create a resume that shows who you are as an employee.

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