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How do you remove leaves from the trees: Mulch or remove?

Jan 25

As summer draws to an end, the growth season for trees in our lawns also comes to an end. The start of autumn marks the summer's end for trees. Their leaves change colors as they begin to go into dormancy. They accumulate quickly in our lawns, and then we need to take care of leaf removal lexington KY.

There are two possible paths to take for leaf removal. incorporate them into the lawn after mowing and they'll degrade naturally into the soil or stack up and locate an area to dispose of them. Another option is to take them to your curb and get them removed by your local municipality. Like many decisions there are pros and cons for both methods for removing leaves and you'll need to pick which your lawn will benefit from the most.


This is the easiest of both, but it comes with its own difficulties. There will be a layer of grass clippings, which breaks down naturally into the soil after you've mowed the leaves with your mower. This can improve the soil quality, and won't cause adverse effect on the grass when it's done often. Be aware of how dense the grass clippings and cut leaves are. If it gets excessively thick, you run the risk of promoting fungal diseases or blocking sunlight. According to the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association It is best to keep less than 1/4" - 3/8" of leaf build-up on your lawn at at any one time. If the layer is much thicker than that you'll want to look into bagging and getting rid of the grass and leaves to avoid the risk of fungal disease or over-smothering your lawn. It's important to note that mulching can't be used using pine needles. These won't break down into the soil.

Although it is not required, Lawn Wox suggests using the lawnmowers lexington ky that has either mulching systems or replacement mulching blades. The blades and kits are designed to cut , and continue to cut grass and leaf debris, helping it fall into the lawn easier to break down naturally. The standard lawn mowers fitted with standard blades won't cut grass or leaves as finely, leaving small clumps in your lawn that could choke your lawn. In order to cut leaves and grass with enough precision that they don't harm your lawn, you'll have to use an ordinary mower.

Mulching Benefits

This method will reduce the effort needed to eliminate leaves off your lawn. It could raise the quality of your soil as and could be less expensive, as you won't be paying additional fuel for other power equipment, and you won't have to spend as much time doing landscaping.

Mulching's disadvantages

This technique can smother your grass if not carefully controlled, particularly in damp conditions. Depending on the type of mower you have and the volume of leaves falling, you might require a more frequent mowing to keep up. This technique will not work if pine needles are dominant around you.


There are many benefits to blowing or raking leaves into piles. This is especially true for those wanting to gather leaves to make compost piles, and for those who mulch , but have problems keeping up with the quantity of leaves that fall in their yards. If you're unable to see your grass any more is the time to get out the rake and leaf blower and take on the enemy!

Leaf blowers make leaf removal simple. Spread a tarp, or any flat surface that isn't afraid to get dirty , and then start blowing leaves onto the tarp.

If you have a compost heap then the leaves could be used to create compost in your backyard. The components of composting are an amalgamation of carbon-rich or "brown" material and nitrogen-rich material, also known as "green" or "fresh materials. The lawn can supply both and compost can be used as an organic soil additive to your plants, or for other lawns.

Advantages of Removing Leaves

These leaves are able to be used for compost. It can also give your lawn a more attractive appearance depending on the frequency with which you clean up leaves. It could be more beneficial than mulching if you have lots of pine trees.

Disadvantages of Removing Leaves

The labor involved in getting rid of leaves using a leaf blower or rake is more difficult and takes longer. It's expensive since you'll need to pay for bags for collection of leaves as well as the fuel to run the leaf blower. Some towns don't offer leaf pickup and some don't allow leaves to be disposed of in landfills.

Are you new to the area?

Speak to your neighbors about your leaf-related issues and find solutions. It's an indication that your area has a regular leaf pick-up. Most start with flyers being distributed and publishing details in local newspapers about a week before the first collection. You'll need to find the best method for clearing your lawn for your area if it is less rural. It's an excellent idea to try both techniques and see which one is the most effective. You can also employ any combination of the two depending on the season, weather conditions, and more.

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