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Architectural Lighting Design by Lighting Designer Rocco Borghese - London

Jan 20

What is architectural lighting design?

When you combine the practice of designing and constructing buildings, with electrical engineering and interior design, you have architectural lighting services.

It’s the design discipline needed when lighting in your home or workplace is about far more than just visibility.

In other words, architectural lighting design is for living or working in style, comfort and full enjoyment of your internal or external environment.

The aims of architectural lighting design

Take lighting design in a new build home or a refurbished residential property, for example.

The fundamentals of architectural lighting design would be to build the aesthetic appeal of rooms or your home exterior. Balancing and layering illumination would be a vital component of contemporary interior design, optimising other features and installations.

Next, would be the ergonomic factors of lighting innovation and installation. Rocco Borghese lighting design would ensure all measures of function, form and effect are perfectly adjusted.

Thirdly, architectural lighting design is the way to underpin energy efficiency and create a sustainable, smart home. Why waste light? Particularly as subtle variations in illumination can enrich your living experience.

Also, using our expertise in lighting design means working with the different effects of colours, and the interplay of colour temperatures. Each shade has its own cultural, aesthetic and wellbeing values, and can be designed into lighting that optimises human colour perception.

In many situations, architectural lighting design perfectly blends natural and purpose-created light sources. This creates a harmonious whole, that supports the fundamentals outlined above.

Lighting fixtures central to the best interior design

For centuries, sources of light in homes and workplaces have been far more important than their function. Artists the world over have explored the interaction of light values and this has manifested as innovation in architecture, interior design and the manufacture of much-revered lighting fixtures.

Think Tiffany lamps, and the invention of PH-lamps by Danish designer and writer Poul Henningsen from 1926, using multiple concentric shades to manage visual glare and glorify reflected light.

The lighting you use in your property can become art in the right hands, as well as meeting important visual comfort and wellbeing levels. Take a look at some of our chandeliers on our website

Why invest in lighting design in commercial premises?

Lighting can impact markedly on productivity. This is not just a matter of maximising the visibility in your commercial premises, illuminating interior or exterior work areas or pedestrian zones.

Architectural lighting design calculates and categorises light values, colour perceptions and thermal radiation.

For advanced installations, where lighting is a critical factor, our experts use computer-aided mathematical modelling to create the correct lighting qualities. This takes account of irregular floors and the challenges presented by reflective surfaces or shaded areas for instance.

Using photometric data and the skills of a Rocco Borghese lighting designer, we would optimise all sources, building tabulated light values from strategic sources.

The different effects of ambient lighting can ensure focus is where it needs to be, with softer and more relaxing lighting in the perfect places.

Directional lighting can be used for intelligent solutions to contemporary workspaces. This can be vital, for example, in offices with multiple screens, where wrongly positioned lights represent a significant Health and Safety issue.

As many modern workplaces use modular and fluid layouts, architectural lighting design creates flexibility, seamlessly adapting to changing needs.

This often involves the measured use of the many lighting control systems now available to optimise visual comfort and aesthetics. From the time-served dimmer switch or timed lighting system to wireless lighting control and smart technology.

In-depth lighting analysis and planning

Architectural lighting design is a science, an art and a way of using technological aids to create ambient and aesthetic solutions.

The result is lighting designed and installed to optimise energy efficiency and innovate ‘brilliant’ solutions for modern-day living and working environments.


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